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Agent Remy Curry Details Her Quarantine Experience with Real Producers Magazine

Great agents push themselves to try new things and find different, interesting ways to showcase their strengths. After taking a year off, Remy Curry is back on our team and diving back into the real estate industry.

Remy recently wrote an article for Baton Rouge Real Producers Magazine exploring her experience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities for self-reflection she found. 

Excerpt from Remy’s article,  “New Rhythm”: 

I walk into the family room and hear my daughter playing a familiar tune on the guitar. I was trying to remember the name of the song when I realized I had never heard her play before. That morning, Lena taught herself to play a new instrument all by herself.

It’s been just over 3 weeks that our governor issued a statewide stay-at-home order to combat the spread of a deadly virus that has affected our world. It is a novel experience for us all, and everyone is adjusting to the new normal. Schools are closed. Restaurants empty. Churches are online only. With these restrictions, we have been forced to find routine at home in a world of chaos.

Just eight weeks ago, thankfully prior to COVID-19, our family welcomed a baby boy, Robbie, into the world. As I began maternity leave and the more I held him, I began to dread sending Robbie to daycare. I kept thinking, “it’s too soon.” I wished out loud I wouldn’t have to send him. Little did I know, forces beyond my control would grant that wish.

Head to Real Producers to pick up the new issue and read Remy’s article!

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