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Help at Every Stage: Working with Our Chief Growth Officer

As an agent, your real estate journey consists of countless different stages. Every year you’ll face new opportunities and obstacles that you never imagined. It’s important to always be developing and moving toward your next goal. This is a fast-moving industry, and it can be hard to just stop and strategically plan out your next steps, especially when you’re unsure which direction you should be headed.

From day one to year 40, our team is here to help regardless of where you are in your career. One of the  biggest assets we provide is in the form of our Chief Growth Officer, Hope Kidder. Hope has decades of industry experience and has trained hundreds of agents across national brands. Her role is to help our team members progress and turn good agents into great agents. Whether you want to meet with Hope once a day or once a quarter, she is an invaluable resource that’s always available.


From the moment you receive your real estate license, Hope has a step-by-step program to fully immerse you in the industry. You enter the market with skills and a support system that most don’t have.


Most agents find a rhythm about three to four years into the industry and establish steady repeat business. They’re doing well, but a few pieces are still missing. Hope works with these agents to put everything together and push them to the next level in regards to consistent growth and increased closings.


Top producers are in a unique position. They’re established agents with consistent income streams, but some gaps are preventing them from moving forward. At this point, the goal is usually focused on building a supporting team. Hope is an expert at putting the right systems in place for top producers to expand and create something great around them.

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